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Types of Damages

Any victim would want to seek settlement for damages made or get compensated in a civil lawsuit for a personal injury caused by negligence of other people. With various types of damages granted in a personal injury lawsuit, the law governs the type of settlement that can be awarded, depending on the nature, complexity and gravity of the personal injury case.

Compensatory damages require the defendant to pay the plaintiff a certain amount as a means to make up for the injury he or she had caused the victim. The plaintiff can seek for actual damages as these reimburse him or her for economic losses, like own money paid for medical bills and lost wages for missed works.

In Ohio, there are no caps or limits on this type of damage. General damages, meanwhile, recompense for non-monetary loss that triggers emotional pain and distress on the part of the victim. This also includes mental torture, deformities, anxiety alongside loss of possible career opportunities, and all other similar intangibles.

Contrary to compensating the plaintiff, punitive damages are aimed at punishing the perpetrator, to also prevent others from committing the same offense in the future. This damage is granted upon conclusion that the defendant’s conduct was indeed injurious or malicious.

For nominal damages, the court may grant the plaintiff a small amount of money in recognition of the defendant’s unlawful conduct towards the victim. Nominal damages may only be awarded in intentional tort cases, wherein physical injury to the plaintiff does not contribute to the verdict on the defendant.

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