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Types of Compensatory Damages

Compensations may not fully heal a victim in all aspects of well-being, what with the life-changing injuries he or she obtained due to someone’s negligence and misconduct. But it sure can help you get back on your feet, one way or another, and hope for a better future.

To make up for the injury a defendant caused the victim, he or she is accountable for compensatory damages, such as the following:

Medical expenses

A victim may not only complain of physical injuries but also of those that force him to shell out hefty funds in sustaining his medical needs. Further medical treatment for a long-term injury may cost the victim so much more damage.

Lost wages

If there’s anything worse a victim would regret losing during the period of personal injury case, then that is his income. The plaintiff, whose injury prevents him from working, may collect the normal amount of money earned at the time. In case of fatality due to accident, family members may sue for the loss of income the deceased would have earned based on salary and age.

Property damage

During accidents, a person is perhaps not the only one that was harmed but also his own properties, like a car. The plaintiff can be compensated for repair or replacement of any property harmed during an accident. In case the victim resorted to alternative transportation in time of repair, a reimbursement may be given.

Victims may also seek general damages and get compensated for non-monetary loss that involves emotional pain and distress. If you wish to discuss these legal matters with an experienced personal injury lawyer, Jami S. Oliver can help you. Call us now at (614) 220-9100.