Driving too slow can be as bad as driving too fast

Negligence for driving too slow can be as bad as driving too fast. ¬†Oftentimes, when we think about car accidents and serious death and injuries on the nation’s highways, our minds tend to go straight to “drunk driving,” “DUI,” “distracted driving,” “texting,” and a host of other activities in the car or in the cab […]

Ask for uninsured AND underinsured coverage

Some auto insurance agents are now selling separate policies for uninsured motorists insurance coverage verses underinsured motorists insurance coverage. Uninsured covers you only if the at-fault party has no coverage at all. However, if the person who hits you does not have enough insurance, like low state-minimum limits, you could be in trouble. Specifically, we are seeing State Farm policies that differentiate between the two coverages by a “U” verses a “W.” Many people do not understand that they are not fully covered. Please ask for uninsured AND underinsured coverage when you speak with your agent to cover you if the other driver is underinsured. If you were in an automobile crash and you need more advice about your insurance, please contact Oliver Law Office in Columbus, Ohio.