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Lasik eye surgery has become one of the most common elective surgical procedures. Millions of people choose Lasik surgery over wearing eye glasses. Lasik can correct astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia which are among the most common eye impairments.

The surgery only takes 15 minutes. The seemingly easy, simple and fast paced nature of the procedure makes it practical and attractive to many people.

With popularity comes competition. And while more and more people are willing and wanting the procedure, doctors also begin taking in more patients. But with increased number of surgeries performed each day, problems arise. Though many doctors are highly qualified and maintain the highest standards, medical malpractice cases are increasing.

About 5% of people who undergo Lasik may suffer a reduction in vision, inflammation, dry eyes, difficulty in driving at night and glare. These are usually temporary symptoms but some patients end up with permanent problems.

Though surgeons report a rate of at least 1% for Lasik surgery malpractice, other sources claim much higher rates.

Lasik surgery malpractice lawsuits need to prove that standards were not met to make a claim.

Lasik surgery malpractice claims increase as the volume of surgeries performed each year increase. There are strong predictors of Lasik malpractice which you can use as basis for your claim. These include the high level of advertising, the preoperative time spent with patients, level of co-management, and level of infections due to inadequate operating facilities.

If you have had major eye or health issues after Lasik surgery, you may be able to make a legal claim for compensation. To research your options, seek the help of a leading Ohio medical malpractice attorney.

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