Excellent Lawyer to Get All the Facts and Best Resolution for Your Case

Posted by a client, 5 days ago

Jami took the time to truly understand all the facts of the case. She took the time to get all the pertinent information from all involved in my case. She reviewed the policies that related to my case and worked with the Claims Representative to find out all the limits possible for my case. She then looked at all angles to get the best resolution for me. She contacted anyone necessary to get answers to questions on areas that are not her expertise. These individuals were very knowledgeable and helpful to putting together my case. She kept on me to get all needed documentation to help her prepare my case which was helpful for me. She was very responsive to any questions and worked very hard to quickly get resolution to the case. Additionally, she offered me various options and discussed the pros and cons to each option. I appreciate her giving me updates and explaining what was going on during all facets of the case.