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Whistle Blowers

For the past years, legal protections given to whistle blowers have increased in most states. In Columbus, Ohio, cases filed on behalf of whistle blowers are geared towards the protection from retaliation of the company, organization or establishment which, prior to any statute enacted, usually resulted in the exploitation and ultimately cessation from employment of the whistle blower.

At Oliver Law Firm, legal assistance is accessible and available to all whistle blowers no matter what your circumstances might be. We understand the care and meticulous strategizing these types of cases involve. That is why we are here to help and rest assured that your continuous security and peace of mind is our utmost priority.

What is a whistle blower?

Grounded in the innate goodness of every human being is the inevitable urge to rectify any wrongdoings. A whistle blower is that one advocate of righteousness in an otherwise profit-driven company or organization. Usually, the complaint is about illegal transactions or processes and the entity being complained about can be a private or public agency or organization.

When does a whistle blowing claim start?

A claim of this nature can start as early as when an employee puts down his/her foot and says no to participate in anything illegal or inappropriate at work, whether it be discriminatory in nature or involving anything to do with workers compensation.

What are some whistleblower provisions in Ohio?

The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act) gives the implementation of whistleblower protection laws to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The said law has seventeen statutes, ranging from those that deal with violations of environmental laws like the Clean Air Act and Solid Waste Disposal Act, to name a few up to nuclear safety laws like Energy Reorganization Act.

In the greater Columbus Metro area and in the entire Ohio state, whistle blower laws are very precise and require all complainants to satisfy comprehensive steps to ensure protection. The steps usually require the complainant to give an oral report, followed by a written report. Once the employer strikes back, the complainant has up to 6 months to file his/her suit.

What’s next and what are the legal remedies given by the law?

After OSHA receives the complaint, it will notify the employer and try to arrive at some kind of conciliation. If this fails then OSHA will conduct the necessary investigation and depending on the statutes violated and when the employer is found to be at fault, OSHA will issue a determination letter usually giving instructions to employer to remedy the complainant in various ways from paying the employee back wages up to reimbursing the employee for all expenses incurred in the whole process.

What type of attorney should a whistle blower seek?

Usually, an attorney specializing in employment law who is competent and effective is your best ally in whistle blowing claims. At Oliver Law Firm, we have the top lawyers in the field who will do the research and hard work for you to guarantee you the compensation that you deserve and the remedy to your affected livelihood. Just give us a few minutes for a free consultation and we will lay out to you the best and most practical way to ensure that your employee rights are upheld and protected.