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Silicosis is a chronic lung disease caused by inhaling tiny bits of silica dust over a period of time. Significantly, about two million US workers are estimated to be regularly exposed to silica dust because of their occupation and 100,000 of them may be at risk of developing silicosis due to their jobs involving:

  • mining;
  • rock drilling and crushing;
  • masonry work;
  • sand and gravel screening;
  • abrasive blasting;
  • building construction;
  • building demolition and repair;
  • highway and bridge construction and repair;
  • concrete and drywall finishing.

There are three types of silicosis: (1) Chronic silicosis, the most common type which occurs after ten or more years of exposure to crystalline silica at low levels; (2) Accelerated silicosis which usually occurs after 5 to 10 years of exposure to higher levels of crystalline silica; and (3) Acute silicosis which can occur after months or even week of exposure to very high levels of crystalline silica and this type progresses rapidly and can be fatal within months.

In short, silicosis is a serious disease which causes difficulty in breathing and cannot be cured. The treatments available only ease symptoms. Unfortunately, those with silicosis may also suffer complications such as an increased risk for lung infections, tuberculosis, progressive massive fibrosis and respiratory failure.

Silicosis is a work-related serious disease. If you or a loved one may be suffering from this, let Oliver Law Office help you. Please note that a lawsuit must be filed, if necessary, before the statutes of limitation runs out.

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