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Qui Tam Lawyers

Plaguing the current events recently are exposés about government conspiracies and other acts which have startled many private citizens. But what if you, as a law-abiding American citizen, have something to expose about wrongdoings against the American government? If you will bring these kinds of matters to the courts and file a lawsuit on behalf of the government, your claim is called a Qui Tam lawsuit and automatically, the lawyer who will represent you is called a Qui Tam lawyer.

But what are the ins and outs of Qui Tam lawsuits? To gain a better understanding, our qui tam lawyers at Oliver Law Office are more than willing to sit down with you, inform and orient you all about the ABCs of Qui Tam law and lawsuits.

Act – the federal law dealing with Qui Tam lawsuits is called the False Claims Act (a.k.a. “Lincoln Law”), which basically gives people, who are not associated with the government, the power to file claims against federal contractors who commit fraud against the government. The Act is a very complex law and there are no other competent lawyers in the Columbus Metro Area better to represent you than our lawyers at Oliver Law Firm.

Benefits – The relators, commonly called a “whistleblower”, can be entitled to a portion of whatever recovered damages. Usually, under the False Claims Act, a relator can be given from fifteen to twenty-five percent of the settlement money. Moreover, the Act also entitles the relator to have their attorney’s fees awarded. Relators not only get to help the government catch fraudulent contractors and therefore safeguard taxpayers’ money, patients, even soldiers, but also protect themselves from retaliation and ensure their continuous job security.

At Oliver Law Firm, we take into account all these circumstances which we know are very important for you, if you find yourself in the position of being a relator. We understand the enormous risks, both personal and professional, which you have taken just to reveal the anomalous dealings being committed against the government.

Cases – Qui Tam cases can vary to include false claims involving government spending up to health care frauds. Most of the time, a case can cover so many legal areas and entail so much costs. At Oliver Law Firm, we handle Qui Tam cases as a team, pooling in our lawyers’ different field of expertise and the whole firm’s resources to ensure the unified coordination of the steps to be taken, from the filing stage up to the investigation stage until the case is settled. We work diligently to encourage the active participation of the government in your Qui Tam case for this is the best way to ensure success.

So if you think you have a case of this nature, give us a quick call for an easy and free consultation with one of our Qui Tam lawyers at Oliver Law Firm. We will ensure your security and confidentiality at all costs. This is our way of thanking you in advance for being a conscientious citizen and for fighting to ensure the continuity of a safe and honest government.