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Intentional Tort

Intentional Tort-Injury Attorney Columbus Ohio and Columbus Metro Area

If you or a loved one has become a victim of intentional tort, you should speak with an attorney who specializes in this area of law.

There are times when ordinary people wish their problems could just go away, maybe they just want to be left alone, or they are in fear, or they have some reservation to face the prevailing issue.

No matter how minor or serious an incident or an injury may be, Oliver Law Office is ready to help. Your worries and fears are understood. Taking legal action against an employer, a neighbour, a person in the community, or the bully on the corner can be a heart-wrenching act. But sometimes it could be just what you need to protect your rights, your family and your property. You should consult an intentional tort attorney to fight for you and your rights.

Intentional Tort or Intentional Harm

A lot of people are more familiar with liabilities concerning carelessness and negligence while intentional tort is a bit vague and probably just another legal term to many who do not really understand what intentional tort means.

One of the simplest ways to define intentional tort is when someone’s act is intentional or the act is done on purpose, a forceful wrong doing that caused harm or injury to someone.

Common Types of Intentional Tort

Workplace injury: Ohio is one of the few states that allow workplace injuries to be compensated under intentional tort. Clear and convincing evidence of deliberate injury is required. Proof and records of previous accidents the employer wilfully disregarded or ignored may be necessary to help advance this type of case. Especially when the employer realized the danger and did not take appropriate action to prevent the same or similar incidence.

Assault and Battery: Intentional Tort - Assault is when a person’s actions or threat has caused you to have real fears of being harmed. Intentional Tort Battery is when your injuries are caused by an intentional actual physical contact against you.

Conversion: Intentional Tort - Conversion is when someone takes your property without your permission. In short, it is when a person steals from you.

False Imprisonment: Intentional Tort - Imprisonment is when a person intentionally restrains you, and prevents you from leaving or going where you want to go.

Defamation: Intentional Tort - Slander (oral) /Libel (written) is when a person makes hurtful and damaging statements against you that are not true.

Infliction of Emotional Distress: Intentional Tort - Mental anguish is due to very offensive conduct that causes mental trauma that led you to see a doctor for psychological help.

Oliver Law office is here to help you protect and defend your rights. Having more than 20 years of outstanding experience has helped create one of the leading Columbus Ohio lawyers with an impeccable track record as your advocate. Jami S. Oliver will investigate, talk to witnesses, take appropriate actions and steps to get reports and records, and talk to experts to make sure that you have a strong case.

As your leading intentional tort attorney in Columbus Ohio and the Columbus Metro Area, Jami S. Oliver will take your case very seriously. She will listen to you and consider your concerns and will fight for you so you are properly compensated for all the pain, suffering and distress the defendant has caused you.

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