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Business Litigation

Disagreements often happen in business, but when these cannot be solved by discussion or arbitration, this is where business litigation comes in.

Generally, business disputes arise from any of the following factors:

  • Contract issues, which involve disputes and contract interference, among others.
  • Issues regarding securities and antitrust matters.
  • Issues of misrepresentation and fraud.
  • Issues about unjust and misleading business activities.

It is never easy for consumers or small business owners when they are on the receiving end of unjust business practices of large corporations or insurance firms. Knowing these large businesses have well paid legal defense attorneys to protect them only makes matters worse.

Oliver Law Office strives to accomplish the best results for you. With its client-focused approach, you can be assured that every part of your case will be clearly communicated to you, no matter how difficult or complex.

Whether you are a consumer or the owner of a small business, if you have been victimized by the unscrupulous actions of insurance firms or large corporations, you deserve the best kind of representation to obtain the compensation and justice you need and deserve. Jami S. Oliver, a leading Columbus lawyer, has a long history of experience and expertise in successful business litigation.

Should you have a complaint against an insurance firm or a large corporation, contact Oliver Law Office today to find out if you have grounds for a legal case.

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