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SUV Rollover

Rollovers are common road accidents that may or may not result from car crash and collision. Statistics reveal that rollovers result to fatal injury and even death and that a large percentage of rollovers involved sports utility vehicles or SUVs.

The accidents involving an SUV rollover may not just be due to driver-made causes but due to the SUV design itself. Some safety issues against SUVs include its instability and inability to handle sudden or sharp turns because it has a higher center of gravity. Furthermore, SUV doors may open causing riders to be ejected.

When SUV rollover occurs, this might be cause by the inherent defect in the design of the vehicle itself rather than by other factors. Evidence and proper investigation are necessary to establish whether the accident is due to the defective design or due to driver error, negligence or recklessness.

You need reliable legal assistance to ensure your rights are protected whenever you get entangled with cases that involve SUV rollovers.

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