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Sulzer Hip Implant

The Sulzer hip implants were the controversial inter-op hip shells of the manufacturer Sulzer Orthopaedics. This hip implant is supposed to be strongly integrated into the acetabulum (upper part of the hip). Unfortunately, many of the patients who have had this hip implant experienced painful physical symptoms. It was eventually found out that the Sulzer hip implant contained a trace of lubricant residue on its surface which was not entirely removed during its manufacturing.

This lubricant prevented the implant from bonding with the bone, causing severe groin pain and/or inability to bear weight on the affected leg. Other painful symptoms arise when trying to sit down, trying to rise from a seated position as well as when just merely standing and walking slowly. In 2000, Sulzer Orthopaedics recalled about 17,500 of its implants.

Patients who are suffering from pain since they have had the Sulzer hip implant are encouraged to contact their doctor immediately. This will provide them with professional proof that it was this hazardous product that has caused such symptoms. Your doctor can also determine based on your specific lot number from your medical records if the implant you have received is part of the recalled products of Sulzer Orthopaedics.

It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure their products, such as medical devices, will help in making patients feel better and get well from illnesses they suffer from – not cause it due to its defective form or inherently dangerous nature.

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