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Wearing seatbelts is one of the most effective ways of preventing serious injuries during fatal car accidents. Thus, wearing seatbelts became a statutory law that orders riders of vehicles to use them as a restraint at all times.

Statistics show that using seatbelts has effectively prevented fatal injuries and loss of lives. Seatbelts prevents drivers and passengers from being ejected from the vehicle or from slamming against the steering wheel or windshield, thus, saving lives in the process. Wearing seatbelts every time you board a vehicle is a must for safety and survival.

It has been mandated to citizens to use seatbelts whenever on board a vehicle not only because of the personal advantage and effectiveness of using such in prevention of loss of lives or any serious harm or damage but also because of the resulting economic and social benefit to the public and the government where safety and preservation of life and property are concerned.

There are times, however, when serious injuries happen during accidents, regardless of whether or not one is wearing the seatbelt. Such occurrence may complicate insurance claims, leading to a legal battle. You need to be properly indemnified and fairly compensated.

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