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Recalled Drugs

Recalled drugs are pharmaceutical products that are pulled out from the market either on voluntary basis by the manufacturer or through a notice coming from the U.S. FDA. The agency regulates food, cosmetics, drugs and devices and closely watches recalls. It cannot order product recalls but it does have the authority to ask a manufacturer to pull out its product from the market. There are 3 categories that characterize recalls and it usually depends on the level of hazard involved:

Class 1 –Involves a health hazard situation where there is a high probability that the use of the product would create serious and adverse reactions and might even cause death.

Class 2 –Involves a probable health hazard situation where there is a remote possibility of adverse health consequences from the use of the product.

Class 3 –Involves a situation where the use of the product is not likely to cause adverse health consequences.

Every year there are at least a couple of drug recalls that were classified according to the hazards posed to the consumers. This ranged from Intravenous preparations to oral medications. Class I recalls pose the greatest risks to the users and the FDA closely monitors the pharmaceutical firms involved in the manufacture of these products.

Drug recalls take a long time to be initiated by pharmaceutical companies due to the huge losses they would face in term of revenues. As a result of their actions, thousands or even millions of people would unknowingly use unsafe or defective drug preparations.

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