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Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are supposed to provide pain relief, cure illnesses, prevent diseases from getting worse and make us feel better. But what if what you’re taking is causing you more harm than good?

While prescription drugs have the risk of side effects, it shouldn’t come to that point where it’s going to be life-threatening. But when your health turns from bad to worse – and you suspect that it is because of the prescription drugs you’re taking – you should let your doctor know about this as soon as possible.

Consumer protection is one of the responsibilities of the Food and Drug Administration by monitoring the safety of all food and drug products being sold to the public. This goes to drug manufacturers and companies as well. They have to ensure that the products they sell have been thoroughly tested and also include full information disclosure about its side effects.

Unfortunately, people like you can be put at risk simply because drug manufacturers and companies focus more on racking up the profits. If you think you’re stripped of any right or power to confront those responsible for your injury, loss or wrongful death, Oliver Law has got your back on your fight for consumer protection. Product defect injury and most especially, wrongful death due to dangerous pharmaceutical products and medical devices are serious issues we cannot just brush under the rug, thus, require professional counseling.

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