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Pesticides are used widely in gardening and agriculture as well as maintaining homes, offices and various structures. They can effectively wipe out hordes of rodents and insects that carry diseases, destroy crops and damage buildings.

But even though pesticides are useful in protecting people and property from harmful microorganisms, insects, plants and animals, these chemicals can also be hazardous to our health. Improper handling or prolonged exposure can cause serious personal injury.

More often than not, when pesticides are administered in businesses, schools, parks and homes, many people get affected and their exposure to the chemicals results in various physical problems. Also, some groups may be more sensitive to the results of pesticide exposure – young children, older adults, pregnant women and the sick. These groups should take extra care when pesticide application has recently taken place.

The severity of the health problems you experience depends on the toxicity of the pesticide used and the amount of time you were exposed to the chemicals. If you or a member of your family has been exposed to pesticides that caused you harm, you may be qualified to receive compensation.

Most lawsuits involving pesticides focus on the defendant's negligence. If you or a loved one suspect you contracted a pesticide-related illness, Oliver Law Office will investigate and prepare the case with the end goal of getting you the full compensation you deserve.

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