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Hazardous Products

Sometimes the products we use can actually be hazardous to our health. Who will be held liable if the users get injured from operating or using a product? This is where product liability comes in. Product liability is a part of law that establishes accountability for products which hurt the users. The responsible party may be: the manufacturer of the parts, the manufacturer in charge of assembly, the wholesaler, and the retail store owner.

To establish a product as hazardous, the following flaws or defects must be pointed out clearly:

  • That there was a flaw in the marketing of the product: patient directions or marketing data about the product was defective. Take the case of a new combination of drugs that has not been fully tested in human trials. Whatever benefit the new drug has is offset by the risks of an untested combination.
  • That there was a flaw in the manufacturing of the product: the defect was added – intentionally or not – during the process of manufacture. For instance, while in the process of manufacturing a drug, a harmful substance was added to it.
  • That the design itself was flawed: the design of the product was defective to begin with. For instance, some drugs are dangerous, but are manufactured and prescribed as they are.

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