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Drugs Side Effects

Pharmaceutical companies spend vast amounts to develop medications that will cure diseases and relieve pain & suffering of the patients. They always try to improve or upgrade existing drugs in the market and tout such products as having lesser & milder side effects, quicker absorption and rapid cure rate.

While this is generally true, it is still acknowledged that all medications have their accompanying side effects and these can be classified from mild to severe.

A side effect is usually an unwanted secondary reaction on top of the desired therapeutic effect of a drug. It may vary depending on the patient’s gender, age, weight & progress of the disease. It can also occur upon increase/decrease of the drug intake and the completion of the required dosage.

Different drugs or medications have varied side effects ranging from mild reactions such as headaches, dizziness, sleepiness & chills to severe ones like labored breathing, palpitations, blurred vision and birth defects. Bad or dangerous drugs have serious side effects and the user must be informed by his or her physician about the possible reactions they might have if they use such medications.

Pharmaceutical companies know what the possible serious reactions their drug might give the consumer but they would always argue that the benefits far outweigh the risk or worse, they would keep mum about it.

The U.S. FDA has released a list of commonly used drugs with their side effects. This along with the directory of dangerous drugs would greatly help consumers be well informed & properly guided when they are taken ill by different diseases. The agency usually relies on inputs from heath care specialists on the actual side effects and adverse reactions of various drugs and this is a big help in the accurate listing of drug reactions.

If prescription drug users experience unusual side effects not indicated in the label or product inserts, they should report it to the authorities at once. They can also seek legal advice from lawyers well versed in dangerous drugs and side effects.

If you or a loved one experienced serious side effects from using medications, you need to seek advice from a legal expert. At Oliver Law Firm we are backed up by our more than 20 years experience with one of the top attorneys known for a commitment to the seriously injured. As a Drugs Side Effects Attorney in Columbus Ohio and Columbus Metro Area we will focus on you the client, to help provide you with legal options and protect your interest.

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