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Drugs and Medical Devices

According to the 2014 U.S. annual comprehensive report on the nation’s health, nearly half of all Americans are on at least one or more prescription medications for symptoms related to everything cough and cold remedies as well as pain relievers to cholesterol, cancer, diabetes and depression.

As far as medical devices are concerned, all we know is that there is more than $100 billion worth of market for its different categories as identified by the Department of Commerce – meaning, many people out there are relying on such for treating or diagnosing medical problems.

This is supposed to make you feel better and more confident, knowing that you have better options to gaining more control for maintaining and improving your quality of life.

But what if these drugs and medical devices, whether those of old or just fresh off from the factories, have put patient safety and overall well-being in the back seat in favor of more profits for the manufacturers?

It is not only your trust that is shattered. Worse, it can cause you a lifetime of pain, suffering and heavy losses.

That’s where a hardworking and tenacious drugs and medical devices counsel like Oliver Law comes in handy. If you or a loved one has been a victim of a recalled drug or medical device because they’re defective or dangerous, you need someone on your side, fighting not just for full compensation you need but for the quality and dignity of life you deserve to be restored.

Give Oliver Law the opportunity to show you what a remarkable difference a law firm with our resources, experience and impressive track record of success can do for you. Visit our information center on dangerous drugs or defective medical devices. Or schedule a consultation with us by calling 614.220.9100.