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Dangerous Drugs, Product Liability

It’s understandably easy to trust a doctor’s prescription and pay for drugs over the counter. This is but suggestive of the fact that our well-being hinges on the many pharmaceutical companies that provide us practically any drugs we believe are quick solutions to our respective health concerns.

Little do we know that despite the FDA’s assurances on safe pharmaceutical products, dangerous manufactured products gradually grow like mushrooms in the market, tricking us all into serious danger. From this case stems questions on safety and quality control that must be ensured by pharmaceutical companies. In some cases, they commit misinformation on the adverse effects of drugs, thus drawing physicians and consumers in utter confusion.

Prescription errors happen when pharmacists give incorrect dosages, which can permanently injure a patient. Likewise, it’s a no brainer that defective drugs when ingested can cause birth defects and other potential complications—and eventually death. These cases fall under product liability.

If you think you’re stripped of any right or power to confront this pharmaceutical case against responsible companies, Oliver Law got your back on your fight for consumer protection. Wrongful death, due to defective appliances and household consumer product, dangerous pharmaceutical products and medical devices, and injury from exposure to toxic chemicals and materials, is one serious issue we cannot just brush under the rug, thus requires professional counseling.

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