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Dangerous Drugs

Pharmaceutical companies put a premium in the development of breakthrough medications. They employ the services of top notch researchers and medical teams to come out with drugs that will cure illnesses. These products are intended to help people with a specific disease and its accompanying symptoms but sometimes it ends up doing the opposite. When the product causes serious injury to the patient, then it may be classified as a dangerous or defective drug.

The manufacturers are often aware of the harmful side effects of the drug they are marketing but most do nothing to inform the users or make it safer. They would go on selling the drug rather than voluntarily pulling it out from the market as they stand to lose millions if not billions in revenues. Product safety plays second fiddle to profit.

There is still hope for the embattled consumer. The U.S. FDA regulates and approves the distribution of a drug & it issues alerts to pharmaceutical companies that requires them to inform physicians and pharmacists of specific serious side effects of a particular product. It also labels black box warnings on dangerous drugs and implements product recalls if warranted.

A directory of dangerous drugs has likewise been provided by the FDA so that the consumer can check out whether his or her medicine has serious side effects, been placed with a black box warning or has been recalled by the manufacturer.

The list of dangerous drugs runs the whole spectrum of the medical category: Anti-depressants (Effexor & Prozac), Birth Control Pills (Yaz/Yasmin, Nuvaring), Diabetes (Actos, Avandia), Anti-Acne (Accutane) and Anti-Hypertensives (Capoten, Accupril) – to name a few.

If you are one of the millions who are taking these medications, you might be unintentionally damaging your health instead of taking care of it. Always consult your doctor or healthcare specialist for advice. Or you may also seek the advice of lawyers experienced in dangerous drugs to protect your interest.

If you or a loved one experienced injury from dangerous drugs available in the market, seek advice from a legal expert. We at Oliver Law Firm offer you our more than 20 years experience and a recognized leading attorney championing the cause of the consumers.

As a Dangerous Drugs Product Defect Attorney in Columbus Ohio and Columbus Metro Area we will help provide you with legal options and protect your interest.

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