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Badder Sling

In April 1997, a synthetic polymer implant was launched and presented as a viable remedy for feminine urinary stress incontinence. The product was called the Badder Sling. Urologist would implant the sling beneath the bladder. The sling would then support the bladder and decrease the stress which had produced the incontinence. The results of the implant were numerous; but they were far different from the relief the sling intended to give.

The complications were many such as the following: the vaginal wall eroded; the tissue would split apart (dehiscence); infection would set in; vaginal discharge, vaginal bleeding and foul odor would occur; and a lot of other conditions arose as a result of the implant.

As a result of the surprisingly numerous complications, the manufacturer of ProteGen, Boston Scientific Corporation recalled the product in January 1999. However, Boston Scientific only recalled the slings that were not used. Because of this, there are still a lot of women who are not aware of the risks they face because of the implanted sling. These women should consult their urologist to determine the kind of sling that was used, and to have a serious talk about the risks they face.

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