Driving too slow can be as bad as driving too fast

Jami S. Oliver Trial Attorney - Columbus Ohio

Jami S. Oliver
Trial Attorney – Columbus Ohio

Negligence for driving too slow can be as bad as driving too fast.  Oftentimes, when we think about car accidents and serious death and injuries on the nation’s highways, our minds tend to go straight to “drunk driving,” “DUI,” “distracted driving,” “texting,” and a host of other activities in the car or in the cab of a semi-tractor trailer that can lead to serious injuries or fatalities.  Driving too fast seems to be a common theme, too.

However,  most motorists do not realize that driving too slow can lead to accidents and car and truck crashes that are just as serious and just as deadline.  If you check the daily news, you will find more often than not that someone is struck from behind when a driver approaches and is unaware that the traffic has slowed.

Clearly when there is a line of traffic up ahead, especially with brake lights going on and off, drivers’ tend to subconsciously notice and quickly respond to the signal.  This is called “human factors” and recognition and “reaction.”  The human brain, however, is not a computer.  It is hard to discern how fast a car or other object is moving, particularly where there are no brake lights, no line of traffic, no stop sign or other caution sign, or where the assured clear distance is suddenly and dramatically reduced, cutting down the rear-approaching driver’s reaction time.

The moral of the story is to be just as cautious when moving a disable vehicle off the roadway, or slowing down to look at something along the roadway, or doing anything else while driving at a rate of speed that is significantly below the posted speed limit.  Attorney Jami S. Oliver has been investigating slow-moving vehicle crashes and wrongful death cases for over 20 years and is ranked in the top 25 women lawyers in Columbus by Super Lawyers, as published in Columbus Monthly, again for 2016.