Securities fraud has become much too commonplace these days. With reports of prominent securities cases filling the news, it would seem that such fraud only happens in high levels of investment circles. Unfortunately, numerous investors also suffer losses because of stockbroker misconduct.

Securities fraud refers to the serious crime in which a stockbroker or a brokerage company, investment bank or corporation, distorts or falsifies data to make the investor buy or sell a stock. This misconduct also involves stealing from the investors (also known as embezzlement); maneuvering or manipulating stocks; incorrect or inaccurate statements on the financial reports of a public company; outright lying to corporate auditors; insider trading; and front running.

There are times when trying to determine whether the market losses are caused by natural fluctuations of the stock market or by deceptive practices by stockbrokers.

The rules and regulations of securities are very complex and confusing. But if you have a suspicion that your broker has intentionally misled you with his advice; that he did not properly advise you about the clear risks of a certain stock; that he has used misleading behavior; then contact us.

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