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Fraud pertains to unlawful acts of misrepresentation, trickery and deception in order to take advantage of or cause harm to another person. Fraud also constitutes misleading allegations, falsehoods or indecent conduct. Such unlawful acts are primarily guided by dire intentions to gain what is not rightfully theirs.

A credit card fraud, which is considered a financial crime, is the common type of fraud that pervades in the state of Ohio. A person may be charged criminally if they write a check for an amount that isn’t even available in their account.

“Negligent misrepresentation” is when a person provides false information to the victim in order to lead him or her to go through a financial transaction or business deal. This kind of misrepresentation may hold the person who committed fraud liable to any monetary loss incurred by the victim due to the false information provided to the victim.

Even though consumer fraud can be a difficult case to prove, and laws are usually biased in favor of businesses and companies, Oliver Law Office can help you become knowledgeable with regards to fraud and financial crimes.

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