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Class Action Law Suit

A large corporation’s negative actions can cause harm to the consumers and small businesses it deals with. When a corporation breaks its contract with a small company; when its fees have become unreasonable; when it hurts unsuspecting customers; a lot of people may be harmed. If there are a considerable number of victims involved, then a class action lawsuit may be filed against the corporation.

A small business class or a consumer class action lawsuit commonly has the following grounds:

  • Charging illegal fees by adding hidden charges that are prohibited by law.
  • Committing fraud by purposefully violating the promises made to customers or small companies.
  • Committing breach of contract by not fulfilling its written promises. To illustrate: an insurance company states in a contract the rate to be charged, and then it suddenly makes a rate hike for premiums.
  • Committing statutory violation by breaking state or federal consumer protection laws.

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