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Bad Faith Insurance

Bad faith insurance refers to the practice of some insurance companies evaluating your valid claims unfairly and/or refusing to pay. If your claim is valid and your insurance company refused to pay, or failed to give you the correct amount, you may have the right to file a lawsuit against the company.

Oliver Law Office can help you with this. Jami S. Oliver, a leading insurance claim lawyer in Columbus Ohio, has had long experience in dealing with companies like this, and she will help you try to obtain your well-deserved compensation by filing a lawsuit on your behalf.

The following indications of bad faith insurance misconduct may provide you grounds for filing a claim:

  • refusal to pay life, disability or health policies
  • refusal to recognize that your claim is covered in the insurance policy
  • a valid claim that is denied without clear justification
  • refusal to provide an offer for settlement that is reasonable
  • an unjustifiable delay in settlement.

Put simply, if your insurance company did not work out your claim immediately, if they presented you with a settlement that is far less than what you believe you should receive, if they inaccurately presented your claim, then you may have the right to file a bad faith insurance case against them.

If you completed payments for any type of insurance in good faith, but realized that the company does not completely cover your valid claims, call the Oliver Law Office right away. I can help you settle this case.

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