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Types of Compensatory Damages

Compensatory Damages

Compensatory Damages is the amount of money that actually covers the cost of the injury and economic losses. Compensatory damages are intended to try to put the injured party in the same position as he was prior to the injury. It can be broken up into Actual Damages and General Damages.

Actual Damages typically seek to reimburse plaintiff of medical expenses, lost wages, etc.:

  • Medical and hospitalization bill for the injuries
  • Wages lost due to work missed
  • Cost of wheelchair, crutches and other needs
  • Cost of household and nursing help that is needed until full recovery

General Damages are actually damages that are difficult to document or put value on, like:

  • Pain and Suffering. It is not only about the physical pain the plaintiff has to endure but also the mental anguish that comes with worrying and the inability to be able to do things you want to do.
  • Disfigurement. It is when the plaintiff is left with scars and disfigurement due to the injury. In some instances making major mistakes like the removal of the wrong leg will leave the patient permanently disfigured and disabled.
  • Value of Future Wage Lost. It occurs if after the injury you are hindered from performing the same job, decreasing your potential to earn as much as you did prior to injury.
  • Value of Future Medical Expenses. Medical malpractice injuries are likely to need more and long term treatments. Provisions are needed for more treatment, maintenance medicine and therapy.
  • Loss of Relationship (consortium). For example, a grandfather who has lost his ability to play with his grandchildren. Or an athlete having a permanent injury that hinders him from playing sports.
  • Loss of Normal Life. Your life takes a major turn due to the injuries.

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