In personal injury law, “assault” is an intentional act or fear-inducing threat of harming an individual. In Ohio, assault charges are higher than most of the other criminal offenses being filed. Committing an assault, though, does not necessarily involve actual touching for such an offensive act to occur. Intimidation or threat on its own would suffice for it to be deemed as such.

Some assault might be deemed unintentional but comes with consequences if injury was inflicted. For example, simply pushing someone out of the way in a crowd for you to get through, without a single intention of causing harm, could be an assault if the person falls and ends up injured. It’s a form of a negligent act, though unintentional, and forces the doer responsible for damages due to failure of exercising reasonable care.

Assault, meanwhile, can result to battery if, for example, the perpetrator brandished a deadly weapon at another individual which then resulted in inflicting hurt or injury to the victim. This kind of assault normally occurs in a sudden fit of rage, resulting to more serious crimes known as aggravated assault and felonious assault.

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