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Wrongful Death through Negligence

The belief that all of us can affect each other cannot be truer when we talk about wrongful death due to negligence. One must always remember that activities and actions of men or even the lack of it affects other people. This is why people should always be aware, conscious and responsible for their actions because they can cause irreparable damage. To some, the affects remain unnoticed. But to others, a person’s action not only brings a fatal blow or a fatal event to another person but also brings a very devastating life changing impact to the family of the victim.

Ohio State has a wrongful death claim action in place used when a victim’s death was caused by the actions of another person or entity; if another person or entity is liable for the death; and when there are surviving immediate family members than can be awarded monetary compensation.

How would you know you can have a wrongful death claim?

  • If the defendant’s conduct, in part or whole, caused the death.
  • If the victim’s death was due to the defendant’s negligence.
  • If the victim’s death is strictly the responsibility of the defendant.
  • If there is a surviving dependent or beneficiary such as spouse, children, etc.
  • If the victim’s death resulted to monetary loss or damage.

What can a wrongful death lawyer provide for the victim’s family in a wrongful death case?

  • Immediate reimbursement of medical and funeral expenses associated with the victim’s death
  • Obtain damages for the loss of the victim’s benefits such as pension and medical coverage
  • Claims over loss of anticipated future income until retirement period or death
  • Claims over loss of protection, companionship, care to the dependents or survivors
  • Seek compensation for general and punitive damages

If you are such a person or your family is grievously affected by the loss of someone close because of negligence, you will need a wrongful death attorney in Columbus Ohio and Columbus Metro Area. Oliver Law Firm is always ready to help you. Visit our Website or call us. We are always ready to listen and give you the right assistance as we have extensive experience as attorney for Wrongful Death due to Negligence.

At Jami Oliver Law Firm, we understand the pain it is causing, the confusion, lack of direction and security, the fears of what will happen to you and your family’s future. We are here to help and serve you as your attorney for the wrongful death of your loved one. We will endeavor that you and your children are rightly, timely and properly compensated for all your loss.