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Truck Driver Error

Because of their experience in handling large trucks, really good truck drivers may be considered as among the first rate drivers of the world. But like any other driver, they can make errors while on the road.

Common errors by truckers are no different those made by regular drivers–like not paying attention, going over the speed limit, drifting away from their lane. Except that with the massive loads they carry, accidents that occur because of these mistakes are usually fatal for the other vehicle involved.

In 15 out of a hundred cases involving large trucks, the driver or passenger in the truck dies. This means that in almost 9 out of 10 cases, the driver or passenger of the other vehicle dies. If the cause of the accident is trucker error, then your loved one died because of his blunder.

Driver errors that result in accidents may be: not knowing the route, exhaustion, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Most carriers monitor their drivers closely, but some allow truckers to break the rules. When this happens, collisions that result from trucker error may increase. If these mistakes are the direct cause of the truck accident, a wrongful death lawsuit may be applicable.

If someone you love died as a result of a collision caused by the trucker’s mistake, you may be qualified for compensation from a wrongful death lawsuit. Find out what your rights are in this matter. Jami Oliver, a successful Columbus personal injury lawyer, will help you face the liable trucking company. Schedule a consultation by filling out our online form or calling us at 614-220-9100.