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Truck Accidents

Traffic accidents involving trucks–especially the larger, more massive ones–often have devastating results for the victims. The injuries sustained by the driver and/or passengers of the smaller vehicle are often serious and life threatening. Sometimes, the result may even be the loss of life for the victims.

At times the accident is aggravated when the truck is carrying hazardous materials. If combustible of flammable cargo is spilled, or catches fire, the victims may sustain burns and respiratory damage–aside from the initial injuries caused by the accident itself.

In truck accidents, there may be more than one party to blame for your injuries. Potentially, any of the following may be liable: the driver of the truck; the owner of the truck; the company that maintains the truck; the manufacturer of the truck; the carrier company; the crew that loaded the cargo of the truck.

Finding out who is directly responsible for the accident calls for precise inquiry and analysis of the accident. The level of responsibility of each party must also be determined. Although truck accidents are often far more complex affairs than car accidents, no case is too complicated when we work on the case of our clients. We strive to determine the liable party, and to see that you find justice.

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