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Railroad Passenger Injury

In the United States, many complex laws govern railroad operations. Nevertheless, these laws require railroads to follow the specific standards of conduct for safe operation and control of the locomotive in order to protect everyone on board. The general rule for railroad companies is to observe the highest degree of vigilance, diligence and care while transporting the passengers to the appropriate designation.

Train accidents often cause catastrophic damages, life-debilitating injuries and heavy financial losses. Therefore, the passengers have the right to know about the risk and dangers that exist in transport and that are known to the carrier. If a passenger’s personal injuries were sustained due to the non-compliance with federal and/or state safety laws, the carrier may have liability and may have to provide the highest possible compensation to everyone who got hurt.

If a fare paying passenger believes he or she sustained personal injuries due to a transportation hazard or carrier risk, the burden of proof shifts to the carrier in order to prove that those injuries were not a direct result of the negligence or recklessness of the carrier.

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