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Grade Crossings – Few or Missing Gates and/or Flashers

Complete installation and full operation of flashers and crossing gates do not come cheap. It can set back a railroad company with more than $150,000 excluding its annual maintenance fees. Compare those to a cross buck which can only cost for just over $1,000 with minimal maintenance. This is why many grade crossings have few automatic gates and/or flashers installed on it.

State and federal laws fall short when it comes to the use of technology as protection at grade crossings. This is a sad reality even with the existence of many sophisticated devices and technical improvements in the market today.

Moreover, there are only a handful of inspectors for various protection devices at railroad grade crossings including the basic flashers and crossing gates. Even after there is evident need for such, installation does not necessarily materialize afterwards. Most local authorities and public officials do not even consider this issue a priority even if it means utmost protection for the motoring public, unless there have been a high amount of accidents or deaths.

Flashers and crossing gates, if working properly, can give warning to drivers of the approaching train or any type of light rail transit vehicle, for that matter, even when the approaching train can neither be seen nor heard immediately. This could, in turn, prevent many train accidents and save innocent lives.

Motorists bear most of the responsibility for avoiding train accidents. But the railroad company as well as the government’s concerned agency should also do their job in order to provide protection for everyone that approaches grade crossings.

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