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Provision of Grade Crossing Protection – Railroad Company Responsibility

In majority of states, its designated agencies regulate and oversee laws concerning highway-rail crossing safety and protection. In Ohio, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Ohio Rail Development Commission (ORDC) are the two overall authorities in building and maintaining a safe and efficient highway system, which includes highway-rail grade crossing, all throughout the state.

Railroad companies have a number of responsibilities to uphold as mandated by the state of Ohio, one of the most important is the provision of proper traffic control devices to ensure the safety and protection of train crews, passengers, pedestrians, and motorists alike.

Provision of ‘passive’ traffic control devices pavement markings and advance warning signs to inform motorists that they are approaching a crossing. These are termed as such due to the constancy of its message and fixed interpretation even with the passage of time.

The railroad crossbuck sign functions as a YIELD sign. Motorists have the obligation to fully understand its designated meaning.
The location of the crossing itself can be identified with the use of thecrossbuck.
The pavement markings and the advance signs are also categorized as ‘passive’ traffic control devices.
Provision of ‘active’ traffic control devices such as flashers and/or automatic gates to signal the motorists to stop at the crossing. These are termed as such because the message may vary depending on the situation.
Flashers and/or automatic gates may signal either an approaching train towards the crossing or a train still in passage across the crossing.

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