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Personal Injury Law in Columbus

Personal Injury Law in Columbus, Ohio

Have you been injured as a direct or indirect result of somebody’s negligence? Did harm come your way because of such carelessness? If so, then your only remedy could be filing a lawsuit to help protect your rights and future.

Personal injury law embodies the varying legal options and solutions to physical and even psychological injuries and harm which may arise from both private individuals and juridical entities like companies and businesses as a consequence of their negligence.

In personal injury law, negligence must be clearly established to determine liability under the law. Although there are such things as accidents which may immune somebody to be legally liable for someone else’s injuries, under personal injury laws, matters are dissected and investigated to prove through preponderance of evidence that the defendant did not observe reasonable prudence to prevent such a situation.

Under Ohio Laws and Rules, for cases involving the latter, you only have two years from the time the injury or loss occurred to file legal action. For cases where the harm or injury was caused due to exposure to chemicals, legal action must be filed upon the date when the plaintiff has discovered the injury or when a doctor has diagnosed the injury as being caused by the exposure, whichever date occurred first.

The entitlement of any injured party depends on the intent or negligence of the injuring party. Personal injuries due to negligence can shake anybody’s stability in life and work immensely. This is the reason Jami S. Oliver, a leading personal injury lawyer in Columbus Ohio, goes through great lengths in coordinating with field experts, to investigate cases to determine the legal liability of the injuring party. She strives to secure comfortable and justified financial awards to help clients regain control and confidence.

It is prudent to be well versed with the legal remedies available. Individuals and big companies should also take the time to educate themselves about personal injury laws to avoid costly repercussions.

Oliver Law Office has extensive experience in personal injury law. Jami S. Oliver has over 20 years of successful experience and is a valuable asset and legal warrior to anyone who is a victim of the negligence or recklessness of another person or organization.

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