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Pedestrian Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents frequently happen and may not only inflict damage to property and vehicles and cause injury to drivers and passengers, but also harm pedestrians or passers-by.

Pedestrian accidents account for the second highest number of fatalities on the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) stated that tens of thousands of pedestrians were injured and thousands experienced death within a year due to motor vehicle accidents.

Pedestrians have as much right to use the road network as motorists are entitled to. Both must exercise safety and reasonable care to prevent motor vehicle and pedestrian-related accidents.

When pedestrian accidents happen, someone normally failed to observe the traffic rules and regulations. It is either the motor vehicle driver or the pedestrian, or both who could be at fault. If an individual miscalculated his actions, lost control, or committed an error while using the road, this negligence or recklessness can cause serious and/or fatal injuries to pedestrians and motorists.

Evidence is needed to establish the corresponding liability and the extent of such liability. A pedestrian accident victim can make a legal claim for the compensation he deserves. However, the process and documents of establishing who is liable and the extent of liability may take its toll on people involved. This is why legal advice and assistance are highly necessary.

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