Motorcycle Accidents

Our roads are home not only to cars, vans, trucks, heavy equipment transporters, and four to ten wheeler vehicles, but also to motorcycles. Statutory safety rules require motorcycle riders to wear helmets, safety vests and other protection gear. Furthermore, motorcycles are considered like any other motor vehicle so riders are expected to obey the same traffic and road rules and signs.

Relative to this, accidents that involve motorcycles are treated similarly to those of other vehicular accidents. However, motorcycle accidents tend to cause more intense injuries due to many factors. The size and speed of the vehicle may render it not immediately visible to pedestrians and other motor vehicle drivers causing unexpected collision. And since motorcycle riders are more physically exposed, they are more prone to injuries and accidents as they navigate the urban maze or countryside road network, as compared with those riders of other vehicles.

While some motorcycle accidents happen due to traffic violation and recklessness such as over speeding, beating the traffic light and the like, there are also accidents caused by over breaking and skidding that result to injury or damage to life and property. It is always best to be conscious of prevention and be safe than sorry.

There are federal and statutory laws being enforced regarding motorcycle driving and safety. However, accidents are accidents, meaning, they are sudden, unexpected, uncontrolled. When accident happens, you can seek legal advice and remedy in such cases and can consult Oliver Law Firm to assist you.

If you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident caused by another person's carelessness and recklessness, you deserve compensation for all of your losses - physical, financial, and emotional. Contact us today at 614-220-9100 to schedule an immediate consultation.