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Motor Vehicle Accidents What To Do

Road Accident prevention is the best way to avoid losses, injuries and death caused by collision, rollovers and other traffic mishaps. Everybody should do his part in following the traffic rules, keep his vehicle in good running condition and keep himself sober and alert while driving to contribute to the safety and welfare of the public while using the roads.

However, in case there is a traffic accident, here are some reminders to guide you.

  • Keep calm. The first and most important is to keep calm, take deep breaths and never allow panic or nervousness to control you. You can make an objective assessment of the situation and make better decision when you are in control of yourself.
  • Assess the situation and report the accident to the police. Inform the police your observation about the condition if drunk of the driver of the vehicles involved.
  • Call for medical help and ambulance if there are injuries. Do not attempt to move the injured if you are not trained to do so. Take note who say they are injured and who say they are fine. If you are one of the injured, have yourself thoroughly checked.
  • Should your vehicle is one of those involved in the accident, your insurance company will need the names and addresses of the driver of other vehicles involved, the plate or registration numbers, their license numbers, and other insurance details. You must also be ready to provide this information to others but never divulge the amount of insurance coverage.
  • Take photographs to be used with your accident report and take as many notes as possible about the accident.
  • Take the names and telephone numbers and addresses of witnesses.
  • Report the accident and have this officially recorded by the police. Take note of the badge and name of the police officer who takes charge of your report.
  • Notify your insurance company and call for legal assistance.

Whenever you or your loved ones get entangled with a motor vehicle accident, you can seek reliable and expert legal advice from an attorney who will diligently assist you. At the Oliver Law Office serving Columbus Ohio and the Columbus Metro Area, you will find the difference 20 year's experience makes.

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