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Fatal Truck Accidents

Accidents, while commonly used to refer to traffic collisions, suggests that a crash had no one to blame. It just happened. For a few cases, this might be an accurate description. For the majority, the collisions were the result of misconduct and negligence.

If the wrongful conduct of a truck driver or the carrier he works for is the cause of the large truck collision that takes the life of your loved one, you can hold these people liable with a wrongful death lawsuit.

A number of large truck collisions are produced by the habitual misconduct of the trucker or the carrier he works for. When the life of someone you love is ended in a large truck collision, the pattern of misconduct of the driver or trucking company that resulted in the crash may not be obvious.

While truckers are bound to follow the laws of the road, some carriers are not as obliging in obeying the rules. Common kinds of misconduct done by trucking companies are: employing drivers with a bad driving record; allowing truckers with drug or alcohol addictions to drive; urging drivers to forge their Hours of Service (HoS) log books; neglecting vehicle maintenance and neglecting regular inspection of cargo securement. Often the carriers do these things to increase the bottom line. But they fail to consider how their actions affect you.

Suing a carrier for wrongful death can force them to face the consequences of their misconduct. The compensation from the lawsuit can help alleviate the expenses from your unforeseen loss. Get in touch with Jami S. Oliver today to learn more about wrongful death lawsuit. Schedule a consultation by contacting us today or calling us at 614-220-9100.