Drunk Driving

​Drunk Driving

Drunk driving crashes are heartbreaking and are preventable. Ohio and other states take a tough stance on drunk driving which is more than just simple negligence, it is malicious and wanton and willful. Drunk driving cases can sometimes lead to an award of punitive damages, designed to punish the drunk driver or the person who provide the vehicle to the reckless driver.

As in any serious injury or death case, bringing an experience attorney into the case as soon as possible is important. The insurance company may pitch an offer to you right away while you are in mourning over the loss of a loved one or while you are still in the hospital recovering.  It can be tempting to be done with it. But it is important to remember that damages can be permanent and have life-changing effects on your business, income, family, and way of life.

It is important early on to gather the physical evidence, including police body and dash cams, photographs, measurements, reconstructions, black box data, witness statements, and other evidence from the scene. It is important to stay active with the police investigators and the prosecutor’s office. Oliver Law Office will help you manage all of this so that you can concentrate on what is most important: your health and your family.

Aside from the individual responsible for the crash, you might also be able to file a case against the liquor store or bar if they served the drunk driver in violation of Ohio law. This is known as dram shop liability. 

If you have questions about a drunk driving crash, please contact Oliver Law Office for a free consultation. 

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Jon Freed
Jon Freed
16:36 14 Oct 21
Great consultation. If I proceed, it will be with Ms. Oliver
John Zimmer
John Zimmer
15:03 02 Sep 21
I need to tell you how great it was for Attorney Jami Oliver to handle my case. First she listened to what the situation that I was facing.... She educated me on what the chances were as far as possible success as well as pitfalls that could disrupt that success. She was very honest as far as letting us know the chances of winning versus losing. It was a difficult case, and she still educated us as to what our options were and how the process worked. She instructed us on what to say as well as what not to say. Sometimes you need to talk and other times not talk. She believed in us and fought for us. You can't go wrong to hire her the staff that compliments her strengths. John Zimmerread more
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