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Workplace Injury, Personal Injury

An injury at work can cause so many personal issues. You can be forced to leave work for weeks, months, or years even, not to mention your compensation for lost wages.

While employees are entitled to work in a safe place, he or she is still inevitably susceptible to harm, which may be caused by someone whose intention is to injure another on the job. Such case is called intentional tort. In the case of the injured employee, a legal action is warranted if the employer was proven cognizant of the situation that would cause harm to others. If you were hurt intentionally by your employer during a workplace accident, you may then file your Workers’ Compensation claim.

The following are a few common serious workplace injuries:

  • Back and neck injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Injuries affecting vision or hearing
  • Repetitive motion injuries (carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • Work-induced heart attacks
  • Exposure to toxic substances such as asbestos
  • Loss of limbs

Workplace accidents can also occur due to slip and fall, driving, and those that involve heavy equipment and lifting.

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