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What Does It Mean to Be a Top Attorney in Columbus, Ohio

As overused as the cliché, “Do not judge a book by its cover”, so are the criteria used to assess what makes a successful attorney. But in Columbus Ohio, becoming a top ranking attorney takes more than chic looks and a nice office.

The common notion is that if a lawyer or the firm which he/she belongs to charges a fairly high hourly rate, then you will get your money’s worth. That is not necessarily the case, however. High hourly rates can be a law firm’s answer steep overhead costs consisting of a long roster of pay rolled partners and employees or a bloated lease usually found in building offices situated in posh neighborhoods.

Perhaps the best indicator of what it means to be a top lawyer in our day and age is to focus first on the lawyer’s rating. There are peer review ratings available which may help you to get a better in-depth assessment of a lawyer’s professional competency and ethical principles. As the meaning of the term “peer review” implies, the lawyer ratings are gathered from reliable sources such as the judiciary and bar members of a particular locality. Review ratings such as these are usually done three to four years after lawyers have joined the bar association.

A lawyer is objectively assessed as to his/her legal ability which can give you a clearer picture of how competent, capable and experienced a lawyer is even prior to meeting him/her. Moreover, it also gives you a peak at his/her level of ethical standards, which still stands to this day as the compass of what it takes to be successful as an attorney.

So what does it really take to occupy the esteemed top ranks of lawyering in Columbus Ohio? A top attorney should possess passion, a passion to represent you with top integrity and knowledge, a high knowledge of understanding the language of the law; and the courage to venture into areas of practice which might not be as lucrative or popular but nevertheless still noble and worthwhile.

For in the end, it is all about the heavy and long lasting marks you leave in the lives of both individuals and the larger community; done in a very short span of time (for lasting reputations are often made this way); performing advocacies for exceptional and sometimes very controversial issues and cases; and accomplished in such a manner makes a difference in the lives of those you represent.