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Welding Rod

Prolonged exposures to welding torches and rods can have serious health effects due to the toxic manganese fumes that emanate during the welding process.

Symptoms you may have being affected with manganese fumes includes: tremors, slowed movement, balance problems, stiffness in your body or limbs, and fixed facial expression.

Exposure can trigger the onset of permanent or irreversible conditions such as manganese poisoning or manganism, Parkinson’s disease, lung cancer and kidney disease.

Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA) is a federal law designed to protect employees from unsafe conditions and dangerous substances at work. As stipulated in this law, a worker is “at risk” if he works in a job that increases his risk of developing a work-related illness.

If you are a welder or have been working around welding fumes, and you are experiencing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, or any other possible side effects from toxic welding rod exposure at your workplace, then you may have a legitimate legal claim against the manufacturer of the materials and rods that released the manganese fumes, and possibly against your employer as well.

Harmful products like welding rods can lead to severe injuries and significant losses. Proving an injury or ill effects often requires expertise in this field as well as inputs from highly credible medical and safety professionals.

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