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Trespass to Land

In Ohio, criminal trespass is a misdemeanor of the fourth degree. Through a trespass tort, a person is protected of the right to exclusivity of possession of a personal property such as land. A “nuisance” tort, on the other hand, provides protection to a person to have freedom in using or enjoying the personal property such as land.

A person may commit ‘trespass to land’ and be subject to liability, regardless of whether potential harm was inflicted or not, if there are intentions to do the following:

  • Entering the land or leading another to commit such
  • Remaining on the land even when asked or requested to leave
  • Unwilling to remove any object the trespasser is obligated to remove

Even without having been warned verbally against trespassing, you can be convicted of doing so if you enter the land with a necessary deterrent, such as a “no trespassing” sign placed on the fence.

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