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Emotional Distress

Stressful situations such as personal injury eventually can become insufferable. Since no actual physical harm is apparent, emotional distress can be difficult to prove as it can be made up or just an exaggerated claim.

Mental anguish can be seen in sorrow, shock, terror, humiliation, confusion, and other emotional behaviors. A perpetrator may be liable for intentional infliction of emotional distress if he or she deliberately acts in a manner that would harm the mental well-being of another person.

Several factors are taken into consideration to hold the defendant liable of such claim:

  • The perpetrator’s misconduct must be deemed “outrageous” or extreme that it causes emotional distress to a person of average disposition, or even for people with sensitive temperament.
  • The plaintiff declares other intangible damage like loss of career opportunity or employment. He or she, though, must be able to support the claim clearly; otherwise, the jury will question the plaintiff’s credibility.
  • The doer’s act was intentional so as to cause emotional distress.

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