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Conversion is a wrongful act of dominion or control over one’s personal property, denying the rightful owner his or her rights. Conversion is an intentional tort wherein you are exposed to liability because you have to be accountable for all the damages in a civil lawsuit.

Conversion happens when an individual intends to deny the recognized owner the rights over his or her personal property. Taking the personal property or exercising one’s right over private possessions of another person without the person’s consent is the most straightforward application of conversion. Moreover, when you receive property from someone who is not legally allowed to give it to you, then you are also committing conversion.

To prove conversion, a plaintiff must observe and establish these elements:

  • The property in question is owned by the plaintiff at the time of the interference;
  • The plaintiff has greater right over the property in question than the defendant at the time of the interference.
  • The defendant intentionally exercised control and/or dominion over the personal property of the plaintiff;
  • The plaintiff was deprived of use, possession or power over the personal property in question because of the defendant’s interference;
  • The plaintiff sustained injuries and/or damages as a result of the interference.

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