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Compensatory Damages Amount of Damages

The amount of monetary compensation imposed by law for loss or harm resulting from injury to a person, property, or reputation is known as damages. While there is no specific equation to determine the exact amount each plaintiff may claim for damages, an experienced attorney can help you sort through the factors that are involved.

You will first meet with your attorney to discuss your case. Monetary factors are then considered to determine a possible value for your injuries, the medical expenses incurred, loss of income, pain and suffering you have experienced, emotional anguish, the loss of opportunities, and the loss of joy in living.

At Oliver Law Office, other important factors such as the acquisition and preservation of records and credibility of defendants are also considered to establish a strong case. You can be sure that the degree of liability will be seriously established while strengthening your case with expert and credible witnesses.

Although the amount of damages awarded in a personal case is never guaranteed, it is important that the victim choose an attorney that is capable of pursuing the case with positive results.

Seek the help of a leading Ohio medical malpractice attorney Jami S. Oliver who will listen and provide you with excellent legal remedies to properly deal with your concerns.

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