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Car Accidents

Most people use the roads daily whether riding a vehicle or just walking as an ordinary pedestrian and car accidents occur frequently.

Fortunately, there are laws that govern such occurrence, i.e., establishing the fact of who is liable for the injury to persons or damage to properties as well as determining the extent of such liability. This would ensure that compensation and justice is given to the aggrieved.

It is everybody’s duty to obey traffic rules and regulations. A driver, for example, is bound by his duty to: drive safely at a reasonable speed, properly control his car, be sober and alert while driving, avoid distractions such as using gadgets, or be officially licensed. Somebody’s failure to do his basic duty may cause accidents resulting to physical harm, emotional trauma, property damage, and even death.

Whenever car accidents happen, eyewitness accounts, skid marks, closed-circuit television and actual video footages are just some of the things that can be utilized in order to gather evidence and make the party at fault be held accountable. In order to be eligible for any legal compensation, you must not be the party at fault. Proving this, however, can be a complex and stressful process for you. With Oliver Law Office on your side, you can be more confident and feel safer that your rights are protected every step of the way.

Whenever you or loved ones are in an automobile accident, you can seek expert legal advice from Jami S. Oliver, a leading Columbus Ohio and Columbus Metro Area car accidents lawyer.

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