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Bucket Truck Accidents

Trucks with a boom and a platform – also known as bucket trucks or cherry pickers – are important tools for a lot of businesses. When the boom extends, the bucket holding the worker can be raised to the required height, allowing the employee to work on trees, the exteriors of midrise buildings, billboards and utility poles.

But the bucket truck can also be a cause for severe injuries or death. The tree cutter working next to exposed high voltage lines may experience electrical shock. A fall from an extended bucket can be fatal. The truck itself may suddenly overturn from being top-heavy. Or the boom may suffer mechanical or power failure, causing the bucket to fall.

When a bucket truck accident happens, there are typically two causes: the truck itself, or the workers controlling it. The truck may have been designed poorly, and it failed to perform the task required. Or the truck may not have been well-maintained, causing deadly mechanical or power failures. The workers may not have been properly trained, and they didn’t follow standard, safe procedures. The driver may have parked the truck on a steep slope, which could cause the vehicle to topple over when the bucket is raised at the wrong angle.

Regardless of the cause, careful, in-depth investigation is needed to find the responsible party. Those liable may be the bucket truck’s manufacturers and suppliers, its owners, the employers of the workers, or even the owners of the premises that used the bucket truck.

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